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About Owen Reed

The UK’s legal eagle, with an eye for talent.
Owen Reed Legal Recruitment

Who We Are

Founded by Anna Wallbank in 2006, Owen Reed has been at the forefront of the UK’s legal recruitment sector for over a decade.

In that time we’ve matched thousands of high-calibre law professionals with powerhouse firms in the Magic Circle, Silver Circle and City of London. We’ve helped our candidates build impressive careers and we’ve provided firms with the brilliant people they need to thrive in today’s marketplace.

We’re a specialist recruitment agency with a focus on Legal Support, Virtual PA’s, Document Production & Proofreaders. With decades of collective experience on both sides of the recruitment process, our tight, friendly team offers an unmatched level of market knowledge and unique insight into the opportunities available to candidates in the sector.

We provide each and every candidate with a personal consultant, providing tailored career advice and working tirelessly to match them to the firm that is best suited to their personality and career goals.

For client firms, we provide access to an impressive pool of talented candidates from across the world. We also have an advanced range of tools and consultancy options to help firms work out their support needs and find the people who best fill those needs.

We are a trusted name in law firms across London and we’re committed to providing transparent and high-quality recruitment services. We are a proud member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), the regulatory body for the UK recruitment industry. You can view the REC’s Code of Professional Practice here.

But we don’t just follow best practice.

We set the standard that others follow.

Owen Reed Values

Integrity – honesty, openness, loyalty and fairness are at the heart of Owen Reeds ethos.


To build credibility starts from the moment people interact, and is sustained by consistently delivering on what you have committed to do. Building trust between you, your candidates and your client.


Driving behaviours to help us achieve our goals in an ethical and sustainable way, ensuring we are providing the same service every single time, to every single individual.


Consistently using our competencies and reputable experience to our best effect to deliver a professional service to all of our candidates and clients.

Team work

Rather than working to individual KPI’s, working together to succeed as a company. Unlike most other recruitment agencies we do not work on candidate ownership, we work together to ensure each client is served the best and most suitable candidates.


Open to change, adapting to new ideas and the market. This was vital during the pandemic, together as a company we challenge the status quo whilst continuing to learn, build and improve our business to move with the times.

Ownership of actions

Responsibility, embracing opportunities to contribute.


Our aim is not to compete against other but rather to continually improve how we conduct ourselves in every aspect of our business, to become the quality benchmark for recruitment in the firms we serve.


Providing a complete and timely serviced to our clients and candidates which always aims to add value and surpass their expectations.

Our Team

Saniha Hairan 

Saniha Hairan | Owen Reed London
Talent Acquisition Executive 
Tel: 07939 452742  

Rachel Buckley-Nicoll 

Rachel Buckley-Nicoll | Owen Reed London
Talent Acquisition Executive 
Tel: 0798 523 4433 

Archie Somasegaran 

Archie Somasegaran Owen Reed London
Tel: 0757 215 4866  

Ashish Shrestha 

Candidate Consultant 

Anna Wallbank 

Anna Wallbank
Managing Director 
Tel: 0207 247 9469 

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