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With our unique recruitment tools and years of industry experience, we can help you figure out your recruitment needs and find the right person to meet them
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Source and screen - We match the best with the best

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    Our own database of talented personnel, built over more than a decade

    Referrals from trusted legal professionals in every corner of the sector

    Undiscovered talent from our international portfolio of vacancy databases

  • #2

    Comprehensive in-house screening and testing of our candidates

    Tailored career advice and support so we can ensure the candidates you see are right for you - and that you’re right for them

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    Recruitment strategies personalised to your firm’s culture and needs

    Access to our Diversity Talent Platform so you can search for exactly the kind of person you need

What you can expect from us

We will always match the best with the best: you.

Quality Candidates
We source our candidates from a range of reliable networks and we screen them using our independently-developed, industry-leading processes.

Tailored For You
To ensure that each match is strong and long-lasting, we work extensively with our clients and candidates to identify their needs and goals.

Deep Knowledge
With decades of collective experience, we recruit across all levels of talent and know intuitively how our candidates can fit into your team.

Innovative Approach
We are constantly improving our own processes and building new tools, like the Diversity Talent Platform, to make recruitment easier for you.

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Our Commitment To You

  • High-Quality Recruitment Services

    We’re proud to specialise in Legal Support, Virtual PA’s and In-house and Talent Acquisition Management, with intimidate knowledge of industry needs.

  • 24-7 Support

    We’re always available for our clients and can recruit for overnight services, including document production and review.

  • Transparency and Accountability

    We are a trusted name in legal support recruitment for law firms across the UK, and a proud member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).


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