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At Owen Reed we support you at all stages of the recruitment process, from start to finish.
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Our PAs, Secretaries, and Typists

With a steady stream of innovations and new technologies entering the legal workplace, the landscape for secretarial and support staff is constantly changing.

We know that landscape better than anyone else. For more than a decade we’ve been at the coalface, advising firms and workers alike.

During this time, we’ve placed thousands of support staff - secretaries, assistants, typists - at top firms all across the City of London. We have strong relationships with over 50 percent of the UK’s top 200 law firms.

With decades of collective experience, both as recruiters and as legal support staff, we know how difficult it can be to try and find the place that fits you best.

Whatever the role you’re looking for, we offer personalised support and unparalleled expertise for your job hunt. Our results speak for themselves: for every three candidates we see, we match at least one with a firm.

At Owen Reed, we put you at the centre of the recruitment process. We’ll work around the clock to find the right role for you, a place where you can grow and build your future in the industry – the way that you want. 


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Owen Reed Legal Recruitment

Full Recruitment Support

From career planning and CV feedback to placement and interview advice, we’ll be by your side from start to finish.

Owen Reed Legal Recruitment

Tailored Recruitment Advice

Get personalised guidance and one-on-one coaching from your own consultant, all of it tailored to your talents and goals.

Owen Reed Legal Recruitment

The Right Job For You

Our consultants have years of experience working on both sides of the recruitment process and know where to look for the roles that you seek.