Our PAs, Secretaries, and Typists

We match the best with the best: you.

The law sector has undergone dramatic changes recently, which have affected the role of the secretary.

The traditional, broad role of the secretary has been split into several distinct roles.

The more specific aspects are now: PAs, typists, and document managers.

80% of the UK’s top 200 law firms have re-engineered the functions of their secretaries.  

At Owen Reed, we’ve been at the forefront of these structural changes, both as a recruitment consultancy, and as a change management consultancy.

Why we’re different:

We’ve built our reputation and professional network over 15 years.

In this time, we’ve succeeded in helping more than half of the UK’s top 200 law firms source staff, and we’ve placed thousands of secretarial staff.

Our success is based upon our knowledge of the secretarial market within the field of law.

At Owen Reed, our focus and expertise within the law sector, as well as the level of support which we provide throughout the recruitment process, means that we consistently ensure accurate matches between our client firms and candidates.

We go beyond just matching on experience and skills, in order to ensure that career progression and the team’s culture also fit with each other.

The result: the law firms which we introduce our candidates to are always happy with the quality of the match.

Our secretarial services:

  • Job types: permanent, contract, part-time, and temporary day / week / month placements;
  • Secretarial, support, paralegal, and fee-earner placements;
  • Value-add services, including touch typing, Vero Screening, and commercial testing;
  • Candidates: career advice, CV advice, networking, and interview techniques;
  • Clients: Job description specifications, salary statistics, and market overviews.

For Secretaries and PAs, contact Lauren Quarrington:

020 7247 9469

[email protected]


Having met with a number of specialist legal recruitment agencies, I can say that Owen Reed is the most professional and genuine team which I encountered.

Whilst other agencies seem to just wish to sign you onto their books, and then show interest in you for only a week or two, Owen Reed takes the time to fully analyse your CV, skills, and aspirations, in order to provide you with realistic career guidance, whilst still letting you choose which roles you want to apply for.

Laura Johnson, Successful Candidate